21 March 2022 - Paul Connolly

5 Ways to Improve your Employee Benefits Communication Strategy

It has been clear in recent times that employers are reviewing and improving their employee benefits strategy. However, all too often there is one area overlooked within the strategy: how do we communicate the benefits to our employees?

In a recent survey conducted by Aviva, many employees did not make use of their employee benefits simply because they felt there was a lack of information as to what benefits were available. The priority of communication has been seen within another survey, in which 86% of respondents claimed they were focusing more on how they were interacting with their staff (Workstars.com).

So, how do you know you have effective communication? We have put together 5 key points to consider when reviewing your employee communication strategy, to ensure that the benefits are utilised among your workforce.

1. Train your line managers
With line managers having the most direct contact with their teams, it is essential that they form part of the communication strategy. Providing line managers with training and toolkits will be key to ensuring consistent messages and information is communicated across all teams (CIPD.co.uk).

2. Use communication technology
Just as with our personal lives, technology is one of the most common forms of communication. Online discussion forms or interactive intranets provide a quick and easy method of communication that employees can access whenever it suits them. However, be mindful of employees who may not have constant access to a computer!

3. Tailor your communications
As mentioned, considerations must be taken to ensure employees across all roles are able to access information that is communicated. If you are using technology as a method of communication, ensure paper-based versions are available to those without online access. Also be sure to consider the demographics of your workforce and tailor your communication to allow for differing ages, cultures, and languages (CIPD.co.uk).

4. Ensure there is 2-way communication
Whilst it is important to communicate the benefits on offer to employees, it is just as important to get their opinions and feedback. A recent survey showed that 54% employers use questionnaires, and 31% use pulse surveys to understand their employees’ viewpoints (Workstars.com). Gathering this information is key to ensuring you are providing your employees with the benefits they want!

5. Speak to your benefits provider
At Incorporate Benefits, we provide our clients with all the information they need to effectively communicate the details of the benefits package to their employees. From understanding what the benefit is, how they can access it, and what to do if they have any queries, we ensure our clients have maximum uptake and engagement of benefits among their workforce and subsequently experience the benefits of providing these.

Paul Connolly