24 March 2022 - Paul Connolly

How does your Employee Benefits Package align with the move to Hybrid Working?

The move to a hybrid workforce and increased number of employees working from home either full or part-time undoubtedly has its own benefits, providing employees with flexibility and balance in their roles. However, it is important to consider how it can affect employees’ sense of community and engagement with their workplace. Employees that regularly work from home can feel isolated and out of touch with the goings on in the business; it is vital that employers remedy this as not feeling a sense of belonging was found to be a key factor in leaving a job within a recent report by McKinsey.

Employee benefits are a key strategy in ensuring the employee experience remains a positive one during these times of change. With increased flexibility across the workforce, flexibility within the benefits package should be seen too with focus placed on the relevance of the benefits on offer.

As found within a report produced by REBA, employee benefits, which were once commonplace, such as season ticket loans and onsite gyms may not be as appropriate to a workforce that are not in the office full time. Instead, employers now need to consider other benefits that reflect employees’ new priorities; a focus upon their own and their family’s health is clear following the recent pandemic, therefore Health Cash plans, Private Medical Insurance and 24/7 Digital GP services will all be welcomed.

In addition to this, we will start to see more benefits being introduced that correspond with an increase in employees working from home. As suggested in the REBA report, free or discounted broadband, energy allowances and home improvement discounts will be incredibly attractive to employees and demonstrate that employers are committed to a hybrid working environment.

With this change to the type of benefits offered, employers must also consider how they are communicating these to employees that are not always present within the workplace. Digital communications via email, local intranets and online portals are an effective way to reach the workforce wherever they are based and regular updates on these platforms will ensure the uptake and usage of any benefits remain high.

At Incorporate Benefits, our proactive approach ensures not only that your benefits package remains relevant, flexible, and adaptable, but also that your communication and engagement strategy is effective in promoting this to your workforce. It’s what we do.

Paul Connolly