05 March 2021 - John Kerr

One in four employees suffering from mental health deterioration

The survey of 1,126 employees in January this year found that 26% of respondents said that their mental health has deteriorated due to the ongoing pandemic.

Around three-quarters (76%) of employees had not contracted Covid-19 to the best of their knowledge, but 13% said they had been infected with the virus and 11% were ‘not sure'. Of those who have had the virus, nearly half (46%), said they were struggling to recover. 

 GRiD states that the figures serve to highlight the importance of providing access to health and wellbeing benefits to minimise the impact on the individual, noting the increasing availability of mental health support services, remote/online consultations and the "early interventions for Long Covid have been developed that address both the fatigue and neurological side of the condition."

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD, said: "Group risk products, employer-sponsored life assurance, income protection and critical illness are continually developing and over recent years we've seen a marked increase in the capacity and diversity of embedded support. However, it's true to say that as in other areas of our lives, the pandemic has hastened developments.

"Therefore, as well as providing comprehensive financial help for employees when it's most needed, the breadth and depth of support within group risk products for mental health issues in general and those arising from the pandemic is now extensive."