Corporate and International

For larger business, Incorporate Benefits offer a tailored service to ensure we deliver exactly what you need to ensure your employee benefits do what they should and are as cost effective as possible. We passionately believe that communication with your colleagues is key when it comes to introducing or relaunching  an employee benefits package. All of this can be accessed through our unique client portal which allows you access to all the details on your employee benefits schemes 24/7.


What we do

At Incorporate Benefits LLP, we offer a complete suite of employee benefits services under the one roof - take a look below to see what we could help you or your business with.

The Benefits

For You
For your employees

The Benefits for you

  • Cost effective and easy to administer benefits
  • Costs for many benefits can be treated as a business expense
  • A well structured Employee Benefits Plan can help attract and retain staff
  • Benefits may help reduce absence in the workplace
  • Many products come with added value services which give the perception of a much costlier benefit

The Benefits for your employee

  • Access to valuable protection products, many without any medical underwriting
  • Employee benefits help your colleagues stay healthy so they hopefully can prevent illness but provide quick solutions and protection in the event of illness or death
  • Some employee benefits are not treated as P11d benefits in kind and therefore come at no cost for your staff.